the salt channel

Remember how your life was even more depressing before salt was discovered and employed as a food seasoning?

Well, that's what you'll think your life now was like when you watch the soon-to-be newest cable channel about ... SALT!

Yes, salt, preserver of both foodstuffs and mankind itself throughout the ages! Salt, the crystal of kings and the halite of the hoi polloi! Friend to those who would use it wisely, but gravest enemy to those who would use it for base purposes.

The power and majesty of salt will soon be available for all to see on available cable networks via The Salt Channel, a 24-hour network dedicated to providing information on and showcasing the beauty of salt.

Featuring such soon-to-be hit series as the culinary "Cooking ... With Salt!" and the biographical "Worth His Salt", prime-time programming on The Salt Channel is something that is fun and informative for the whole family.

And late at night after the kids have gone to bed, parents can enjoy The Salty Night Air, The Salt Channel's original programming for adults, featuring such programs as "Saltry Ladies" and "The Salty Dog's Naughtycal Adventures".

Whatever your pleasure, remember that just as your body has a daily requirement for salt intake, so your brain has a daily requirement for intake of salt-related information. And The Salt Channel will be there to fulfill that vital need.


Todd Stadler, CEO
The Salt Channel

Notice: Programming on The Salt Channel has been delayed until further notice due to an unexpected influx of moisture.